I want a movie about a guy who runs for president and wins but then suddenly realizes that he doesn’t want to be president, so he just starts doing ridiculous things all the time trying to get impeached, but it NEVER WORKS because they always miraculously end up being the right thing to do. Like, he declares war on Canada? Next day it turns out that Canada had secret plans to nuke Washington. he bans Doritos? Turns out theyr’e the number one cause of cancer and natural disasters. He sends his vice president to jail? Turns out the VP was a terrorist in disguise. He has 100% approval rating, most popular president ever.

I’ve decided that I want him to be played by Jeff Goldblum. 

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Mycroft: Hey I just met you

Mycroft: And this is crazy

Mycroft: But I'm going to need you to go to Dartmoor and make sure my reckless brother and his gun toting boyfriend don't get up to too much trouble. Also I like cake and umbrellas and I practically am the British Government. Your tan is really nice and your wife is a whore.

Mycroft: So Call me maybe.

I appreciate you and the other ladies of TPP for helping make 221bcon a fantastic party.


Thank you so much! We had a blast, and we are really looking forward to doing it again once we all pay off our credit card bills.

Since it's Emma Grant appreciation day, I must say that I appreciate you and Left My Heart, which I just recently reread -- and enjoyed every bit as much as I did the first time (or ten). Thanks for sharing it (and all your other stuff) with us!


One of these days I need to re-read LMH and STG myself. I can’t remember half of what happened in them. I’m frankly amazed that people still read them a decade later.  Thank you so much!

Wait, this is Emma Appreciation Day?! I'm getting in on this by saying that I 1) adore everything you write, and 2) that you constantly inspire me to be better writer myself. <3


Gah, thank you. Thank you so much!

I especially appreciate the comment about writing. I know that I am so, so inspired by the writing of people in this fandom (and in the fandoms I participated in before this one), and I know how much a good fic can make me push myself as a writer to do better myself. I’m thrilled that my fic might do that for someone else. :-)

Wait, it's Emma Grant Appreciation Day? Today? But I was gonna bake a cake and make a banner and blow up some balloons! Oh, wait. I have a brownie! Okay, you just sit there and eat that brownie, and I'll be over here admiring your talent and reading your stories over and over again, hoping that one day I'll be even half as good a writer as you are. *throws confetti*


*munches brownie*

Thank you! And hey, if you want to see what a bad writer I was when I started, I posted the first fanfic I ever put on the internet over on AO3. If you scroll all the way back, it’s there. It’s awful! I occasionally like to remind myself that I have learned something about writing in the last decade. :-)

You are fantastic and your writing is well damn it's good. Thought you ought to know. :)


Thank you! I appreciate it so, so much.

Apologies to people who are sick of my posting these!  Just give me a few hours to get nice and cheered up, ‘kay? I’ll resume normal blogging soon enough.