Oh gosh I am so tired after the PCA/ACA but I feel SO ACCOMPLISHED.

My presentation went really well, I think. There were lots of good questions at the end, and overall people seemed pretty on board with my ideas.

I also did read a section from Performance in a Leading Role and a section from A Cure for Boredom to the entirely-full panel room. It went well, everyone was very respectful, though according to those observing I blew the mind of the one male presenter in the room, who looked like he had never heard smut read out loud before. 

The best thing is I got a bunch of new ideas on how to go about rewriting this paper, so hopefully I can have something available to all the people who are interested in reading it soon (largely those from the Fan Studies 101 panel at 221B, but also a few actual academics wanted copies what even ahhh). SO YEAH.

Congratulations! I’m so excited for you! 

And, uh… I’m dying to know what exactly you read. DYING.

I messaged you to make sure you saw, but here are the sections I read from Cure as well as Performance . Keep in mind that my paper revolves around a close reading of both of those fics, as well as Progress of Sherlock Holmes (which due to do time did not make it in my presentation, as I only had about fifteen minutes), doing a close reading of the roles of women and the uses of explicit sex scenes—basically, I did not just chose porny parts because they were porny.

I chose these sections because they supported my overall argument the best, and that’s why they’re in here. And as I said before, everyone in the room was very respectful, and I’m fairly sure those who hadn’t read either of these were hastily making notes. I also summed up the basic plots of both of these fics (not the easiest thing to do for either of them, for different reasons) so these quotes also did not just come out of the blue. 

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It sounds like it went really well! I’m so excited for you. :-)