let’s face it - you’re either a dick person or a cock person, and it’s pretty unbearable to read a fanfic with the wrong expletive describing a penis

Penis is the worst for me, personally.

Ah, but you know that if it’s Sherlock’s narrative, he’s not going to use anything but strictly medical/scientific terms. I mean, imagine how OOC it would sound for Sherlock to think of it as a “wang” or something! :P That’s my rule of thumb, personally, at least writing it: for John it’s a cock or even a prick on occasion; for Sherlock it’s a penis, an erection, or a delicate avoidance of using any specific term. :P

Not me, man. Sherlock says “cock,” with a deep, lush rumble and a slight emphasis on the ending “k” that I hear in my sleep sometimes. As in “You know you want my-,” and yes. Yes indeed.

These are the posts that make me wonder how many people are back-buttoning out of my fics because of the way I describe a character’s junk. Maybe it’s just me, but as long as it’s getting licked or sucked or fondled or flicked, I don’t really care what you call it.

Well, within reason, I suppose. Referring to a penis as a one-eyed purple yogurt slinger just might throw me out of the story. Possibly.






I really hate when people devalue writing fanfic by saying that people are wasting their time doing it and should be seeking publication instead. Have you never heard of doing something for the sheer fun of it? What the fuck is your life like that you…

This, this, this.

It’s becoming increasingly clear to me that writing fanfiction is such a different genre from writing fiction for publication and sale that it’s a bit like saying “You’re so good at running a community not-for-profit farm.  It’s not worth anything.  You should open a restaurant.”  It’s just a completely different skill set, completely different rewards for the creator, completely different fulfillments for the audiences.  The same person might choose to do both, but only if they want to for themselves.

i might have left comments on the line  of “you should do this for a living”, so guilty here. 

Published authors don’t get the kind of immediate, right-from-the-guts, fresh-as-a-daisy feedback fan fic writers do. Which is wonderful for beginning, aspiring authors, but also just for the sheer fun of it.

The very subject matter and how you deal with it is another thing altogether. The things fan fiction allows you to do that mainstream, published fiction would never take.

I want to be a professional writer but I hope I can always go back to fan fiction when a story urges and time allows, because I don’t think writing “ordinary” fiction could ever be anywhere near as crazy fun and fulfilling. Both writing it and fucking reading it. 

I’m sure I’m “guilty” of similar comments!  It’s only been recently that I’ve really thought of fanfiction as being so different and valid in its own right that publication doesn’t seem like a “validation” to me.  For years, I couldn’t get past the suspicion that publication was valid in a way that putting things out there for free is not.  But the more intimately I’ve seen the ways fanfic works and what needs it fulfills, the more I’ve understood that it’s not the same thing as published fic at all.  That’s been so freeing and such a relief from that gnawing suspicion that it’s not okay to be glorying so fully in fanfic and all the effort and time it takes to make it excellent.

As someone who spent the last year trying to talk herself into wanting to be a professional writer and then finally realizing that actually wasn’t what she wanted at all, I will second, third, and fourth all of this.

I love writing fan fiction. Loooove it. It’s something that has brought me tremendous joy and fulfillment in my life. And what I love most about it is the feeling of being part of a community of fellow fans who also love these characters and this universe (for whatever values of “these” and “this” you’re into at that given moment). It’s the act of contributing something to this big community feast and then partaking in the delightful things others have brought to the table. It’s a big ol’ porn potluck, basically.

It’s being part of this big loop of creating fanon worlds communally. It’s being able to dash off something cracky and posting it, and get it out of your system without worrying about whether or not anyone will want to buy it. It’s being part of the fandom economy of kudos and comments and reblogs and squee. It’s knowing that every one of us is here because of love — even if we don’t always love exactly the same things, it’s always about love.


Back when we started talking about NSP, when we were still taking our first little baby steps and throwing wild ideas around, a lovely person called Megan offered to do cover art for us, if we ever got to the stage of actually publishing.

Needless to say, we were both delighted. Erotica and romance has a reputation of having horrible covers (go and take a look at wtfbadromancecovers for a general idea of how bad it can get) and the idea of this being another bad cliche about erotica that we could subvert made us cackle with glee very happy.

Anyway, a few months later, and our lovely cover artist exceeded all our expectations. The art is absolutely beautiful, and we’re very proud to be able to show it to you now.

Fuckity Fuck Fuck and Other Tales by Me

I frequently get comments on my fanfic from people who want to tell me that they don’t like that John and Sherlock swear so much in my fic. They like to point out that there isn’t any swearing on the show itself, and so therefore it’s out of character.

I guess they’re forgetting about this:


Along with lots of other clever ways this show and others get around the fact that they can’t accurately represent the colorful language people use in real life on a television show. I always thought JKR did a particularly good job of that with Ron Weasley in the HP books. It’s clear that Ron swears a lot, but you almost never see an actual swear word in print.

So the thing is, I like swearing. Like all grown-up people, I know that different times and places call for different kinds of language use, so lest you think I go around swearing all day long, I don’t. It’s something I enjoy in certain company, with close friends. And so similarly, I like my characters to swear in those kinds of situations. I find it fun and colorful and real, and also Martin Freeman.

If other people find it difficult to believe that an ex-military doctor would say “fuck” a lot, that’s fine. They are absolutely entitled to their opinion. We like what we like, and we don’t have to justify it to anyone. But it does strike me as odd that of all the things characters do in my fics that they don’t actually do in the show, the swearing is the one I get comments about the most. They also don’t have nearly as much sex with each other on the show as I like to write, but people seem so much more willing to suspend their disbelief for that. ;-)

Ah well.